Amy Vining

Executive Vice President

Amy Vining brings a powerful combination of skills and experience to BioScience Communications. With more than twenty years’ experience in medical education, brand marketing, expert engagement, and strategic communications for the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industry, Amy has enjoyed hands-on experience working in all phases of a product’s life cycle. She has been integral in pre-marketing efforts — including creation of scientific nomenclature and character branding — to launch planning, programming, corporate awareness and reputation-building programs, and publication development, as well as damage control and product repositioning. She has been involved in the strategic planning, development, and successful commercialization of dozens of pharmaceuticals, devices, surgical instruments, OTC products, and biologics in all ophthalmic and optometric specialty areas including comprehensive ophthalmology, retina, uveitis, vision care (including contact lenses and lens care), dry eye, glaucoma, anti-infectives, IOLs, cataracts, and refractive surgery (among others).

As Executive Vice President, Amy leads a specialized team within BioScience called the iCare Group, which is focused solely on the eye care market. This multi-disciplinary team of ophthalmic and optometric professionals works with Amy and with her clients to create and implement comprehensive scientific communications, and marketing, educational, strategic, and tactical plans to achieve their product and corporate objectives. Additionally, Amy's extensive, long-term relationships with leading eye care practitioners (ECPs), eye care congresses, and journals enables her to offer a suite of highly innovative, dynamic, and successful ways of reaching prospects and communicating messages.

Prior to joining BioScience, Amy has held senior-level positions at QED Communications, Ventiv Health Communications, and Health Management Solutions, and most recently, she was the President of The Scienomics Group where she ran day-to-day operations of the 150+ person company for ~five years and created successful strategic and launch plans for clients such as Genentech, Allergan, Novartis, and Bausch+Lomb.

Amy’s work has resulted in some of the eye care industry’s most innovative and successful programs and she has developed extensive and long-standing expert relationships within almost every eye care subspecialty area.

Amy Vining

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